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Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

This week the editing team tackled the Tom Clancy The Division review, the newest release from Ubisoft that was three-years in the making.

Far Cry Primal Review: Hunter Beware

This week we dove into the word of spear-throwing, and saber-toothed tiger fighting for our "Far Cry Primal Review". While the game stays true to the franchise, there are a few new components that players will want to tryout.

The Crew: Review

There is a new racing-sim on the market, but you may want to hold off on buying it until a few of

Far Cry 4 Review

The new Far Cry 4 title from Ubisoft released today, offering players more to do than ever before with a new map and all new characters to

Assassin’s Creed Unity Review

The latest Assassin's Creed will most likely disappoint you until an exterminator gets to Ubisoft and kills the hundreds of bugs left in the game
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