Twitter is chopping down Vine

Twitter is going to shut down the Vine mobile apps, taking the first steps in what seems to be the end of the Vine sharing story

Twitter to livestream conventions

Twitter and CBS News today announced a partnership to stream CBSN's live coverage from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions on Twitter

Miss America Competition out Tweets Presidential Address

It's probably not the best indication of our country's priorities but this week's Twitter chatter heavily revolved around this year's quirky Miss America Competition, even out Tweeting some of the season's biggest series.

Karen Gillan’s series Selfie will also premiere on Twitter

For The First Time Ever, Twitter Users Can Attach a Full-Length TV Episode With a Tweet And Watch It Using The Twitter Video Card. ABC and Twitter are offering users an exclusive first look at a full-length episode of ABC’s new fall comedy, “Selfie,” that will launch on Twitter on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2014.

Zelda Williams leaves Twitter after social attacks

The ugly side of anonymous social-media has once again taken its toll on another account, this time belonging to Zelda Williams. She is the daughter of Robin Williams, the popular comedic-actor who passed-away this week.

How complaining on Twitter exposed me to hackers

Twitter is still my number one social-media hotspot to get quick headlines and stay up-to-date with what my friends are eating on a daily basis, but it also almost jeopardize my online identity. I would love to save that is was mostly Twitter's fault but it wasn't, it was mine.

Emma Watson joins Twitter protest against Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister

In foreign news this morning the newly appointed Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women, Emma Watson, is standing up against the current Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey. His name is Bulent Arinc and he is causing quite a stir on social-media after Arinc addressed a crowd celebrating the end of Ramadan with a speech that ended in a sexist tangent about woman and their laughter.

Twitter starts the 2014 All-Star Game #FinalVote for fans

Baseball fans that are also Twitter users can take part in voting for their favorite players, earlier the American and National League All-Star Team managers John Farrell and Mike Matheny, announced the candidates for the 2014 All-Star Game MLB Final Vote.

About 80% of the World’s Leaders are on Twitter

Whether they themselves are directly using the service, or it is a mere extension of their political machine can be debated depending on the leader, the Digital Policy Council has released the fourth edition of the company's annual ranking of world leaders' use of the social media website
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