Ethics and Funding

Ownership & Funding Info
The Slanted is owned and operated by Grimm Media Publications LLC. This news site is privately funded, and ad-supported by our readers. Grimm Media Publications LLC does not take donations from third-party companies, and does not allow persons or companies to buy articles, reviews, links, or editorials on our site.

Sometimes we include links to third-party retailers, and those links have affiliate tracking. When a customer uses these links to buy a product, we sometimes get a small percentage of that sale. We do not accept any payment to review products on our sites. When products are reviewed, they are sent to us directly by a parent company, or a PR company hired from the parent company. When we accept a product to review, we will sometimes agree to hold the review until a certain time, but we never agree to leave positive reviews for products, money, or exposure.

Corrections Policy
If at any time, our editors notice a grammar mistake, a typo, or very minor mistake in an article, the article will be update without a notice.

If a more formal correction is needed, one that could change the context of an article or the subject matter, a notice of the change will be posted below the article. These corrections could include, but are not limited to (misquotes, incorrect references, or updated information discovered after the article was originally published).

Fact-Checking Policy

The Slanted relies heavily on direct sources when writing our articles. These include Press Materials provided by a company, studio, network, or Public Relations firm representing a company or corporation. It is the Slanted policy to follow-up on all second-hand reports, and to include that source’s name or title in writing our articles. These second-hand sources can include other website articles, which will be named in the report. While all editors are responsible for the articles that they write, a secondary check on information is done by another person or persons within the company to ensure the information is correct.

Lead Editorial Team

Sarah Elizabeth FoxTelevision & Culture@sarahfoxes
John B. StewartFilm@jbartleystewart
Sean ThomasTech & Lifestyle@seannythomas
Tony HsiehTech & Lifestyle@tonezone81
Judie XioPress Manager@judiexio