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Instagram Auto-Captioning Sticker Available to More Users

The Instagram auto-captioning service is now available to more English-speaking users. The social media platform added a new sticker to Stories that allows English-speaking users to add auto-generated captions to their uploaded videos. The new service is expected to expand to Reels in the future, and if adopted, will become available in other countries and more languages. Instagram didn’t give a timeline on the expansion, but users can start testing out the new service.

The company announced the sticker on social media, telling followers, “Sound off, …with sound off. Now you can add a captions sticker in Stories (coming soon to Reels) that automatically turns what you say into text. We’re starting in a handful of countries and hope to expand soon.”

There are customization options when using the stickers, allowing users to adjust the color and font to match the video’s mood. You can edit the auto-generated subtitles as well to correct any punctuation or spelling errors. It’s not perfect but it should be a welcomed function.

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Instagram is following TikTok in the rollout, but IGTV had auto-generating captions before the sticker’s release. YouTube also has an auto-generating feature built into the platform, and it’s nice to see more platforms become more inclusive.

Deaf users, or anyone hard of hearing, can benefit from the captions service, but if you prefer to watch Instagram videos without the sound, it could be helpful to anyone that has them turned on.

If you missed Instagram’s announcement video on social media, you can watch the short video below to see the sticker in action.

Instagram recently added new measures to combat abuse in DMs. An update added stricter penalties for people who send abusive messages, and now there are ways to prevent previously blocked users from messaging you from a new account. Users can also activate a feature that pre-scans DMs for “offensive words, phrases and emojis,” to stop those messages from reaching you in the first place.

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