Blue Nintendo Switch

Blue Nintendo Switch Lite Option Launches in May

Nintendo introduced a new Nintendo Switch Lite color this week, giving potential players a blue option to play their upcoming Spring-launch games. The blue Nintendo Switch Lite will be available for $199 and joins the lineup next to the coral, yellow, gray, and turquoise models.

The Nintendo Switch Lite was the highest-selling console during the lockdown of 2019. Hits like “Animal Crossing” and “Monster Hunter Rise” have kept the console at the top of the charts while PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles have been out of stock.

You can compare models and color options right here on Amazon.

The Nintendo Switch Lite offers the same handheld performance as the regular Nintendo Switch but doesn’t dock to a TV and without removable Joy-Com controllers. The device offers integrated controls and is smaller and lighter than the original Nintendo Switch. The device is compatible with all the games in the Nintendo Switch library that support handheld mode, so you won’t have a shortage of titles to play.

The upcoming adventure game “Miitopia” launches alongside the blue console on May 21st, In “Miitopia,” you can star in an adventure alongside your family and friends, while casting anyone you choose to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord.

Nintendo shared the news on social media, telling fans, “Introducing a fresh new blue color #NintendoSwitchLite, launching on 5/21 for $199.99. The blue Nintendo Switch Lite will release separately on the same day as the hilarious adventure game, #Miitopia!”

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Other titles on the horizon include the “New Pokémon Snap” game, launching for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on April 30th. In that game, players can explore unknown islands to snap in-game photos of wild Pokémon. The game allows players to seek out Pokémon in their natural environments as they venture through diverse landscapes, including dense jungles and vast deserts.

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