Godzilla vs Kong NFT

‘Godzilla vs Kong’ NFT are a First for the Movie Industry

Legendary Entertainment is launching two new exclusive Godzilla vs Kong NFT Collections in a partnership with artists Boss Logic and Terra Virtua Ltd. There will be two unique lines of digital collectibles available, giving fans a chance to own a unique souvenir from the film.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” opens in theaters on March 31st and will be available for a limited time on HBO Max. If you’re new to the idea of NFTs, think of them as proof of ownership over something digital, proven with blockchain technology.

“Godzilla vs. Kong had an incredible launch internationally, and we are excited to bring that energy to the block-chain. Both BossLogic and Terra Virtua are perfect partners for this project as they are true fans of the brand, incredibly creative, and uphold a very high level of quality with their creations. We look forward to delighting fans with this collaboration,” said James Ngo, Executive Vice President of Franchise Management at Legendary Entertainment.

Boss Logic is bringing an exclusive NFT collection to MakersPlace, marking the first collaboration of its kind with a major studio for a film’s release. Fans can acquire a unique collection of digital art featuring Godzilla, Kong, and other characters from the film, with each artwork signed and issued by the creator.

The seven-piece collection, curated by Vincent Harrison of iv Gallery, includes pieces titled: “God vs. King,” “King vs. God,” “MachineGod,” “Legends will Collide,” “One Will Fall,” “Godzilla Steps Up,” and “Kong Steps Up,” which will be available for a very limited time for fans to purchase starting at 3:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time on March 31st.

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“I’m beyond excited to collaborate with Legendary Entertainment on such an epic event with two of cinemas most treasured IPs brought together for one earth-shattering experience. As a massive fan myself, this one is truly special for me,” said BossLogic.

“This is the first official studio NFT art release, a testament to Legendary’s forward, outside-the-box thinking, and support of the arts in many forms,” said Vincent Harrison of iv Gallery.

Terra Virtua created a line of digital collectibles, including 3D models of Godzilla and Kong, and others. Those pieces will begin rolling into the Terra Virtua marketplace timed to the film’s release on March 31, 2021.

“This franchise is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. These characters have been on our screens for over 88 years, so to say we are excited about bringing this film pairing to our digital collectibles Terradome gallery via our app is an understatement,” said Gary Bracey, Co-Founder of Terra Virtua.

While the Godzilla vs Kong NFT project is a first for the industry, it won’t be the last. NFTs have recently sold for millions online, with eager buyers snatching up record-firsts from each industry.

photo credit:  BossLogic

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