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EA Play Launches for Xbox Game Pass for PC Subscribers

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is at the center of the company’s ecosystem, and today it’s expanding to include EA Play for PC players.

If you’re new to the setup, EA Play is EA’s games subscription service. With Xbox Game Pass for PC, EA Play is now included in the price. Subscribers will start seeing content from EA on the storefront beginning at 5 PM ET later today.

This isn’t new to Xbox Game Pass for Consoles users. EA’s slate was added back in the Fall of 2020. Since EA Play is included in the cost of Xbox Game Pass for PC, it’s a solid win for subscribers, who are now getting access to more games, at no additional charge.

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You will have to jump through a few hoops to get the service up and running (this is EA), but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Players will have to load up the Xbox app for Windows 10 and have the traditional EA Desktop app installed.

There’s a video to get you set up if you need help. You basically have to connect your Xbox Game Pass account with your EA Account, then launch the games.

As a lifetime Playstation player, I was entirely new to the Xbox ecosystem when I signed up for Xbox Game Pass for PC last year. At the time, I started to play primarily on my PC and Microsoft’s heavy-handed marketing tactics and $1 trial hooked me in. The service is a fantastic and inexpensive way to play a long list of titles. With EA Play and the recently added Bethesda titles, there are more games that I want to play than I have time for, which is how things should be.

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