Rosé of BLACKPINK Launches Capsule Collection for ‘R’ Solo Debut

Rosé of BLACKPINK is having her moment in the spotlight this week. The popular artist dropped her anticipated debut solo project R this weekend, and is kicking off a capsule collection to celebrate the launch. Fans can also set a reminder to watch “The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon” on March 16th, where Rosé will be promoting the new album.

The single album consists of two tracks, co-written by the K-pop icon, named On the Ground and Gone. The On the Ground music video has been climbing YouTube’s trending tab since it first premiered, and already had over 22M views when this article was written. The BLINKS across the planet will most likely push that to over 100M+ views by the end of the week. Produced by frequent BLACKPINK collaborator TEDDY, along with Jon Bellion, Jorgen Odegard, Ojivolta, and 24, Rosé co-wrote On the Ground with Bellion as well as Amy Allen and Raul Cubina.

Along with On the Ground and Gone, the CD and vinyl editions of R include instrumental versions of both tracks. Rosé is now the second member of BLACKPINK to release solo material, with singer/rapper Jennie having shared her single SOLO in November 2018.

You can shop the R collection on the BLACKPINK storefront. You can find the album right here on iTunes or Amazon Music.

R arrives just months after BLACKPINK dropped their debut full-length effort THE ALBUM. Released on October 2nd, the album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, marking the biggest chart debut by an all-female group in over 12 years. With guest spots from fellow superstars Selena Gomez and Cardi B, THE ALBUM also smashed the record for highest first-week sales for a debut album from a K-pop group in all of music history. That same month, BLACKPINK premiered Light Up The Sky, an all-access Netflix documentary detailing the hard-fought journey behind the group’s meteoric rise.

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