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Selena Gomez and Weezer Kick Off Amazon Music Artist Merch Collection

Amazon Music started integrating artist merchandise within its mobile app, giving listeners a chance to buy an artist’s latest merch, while also allowing the artists to engage directly with their fans. Selena Gomez and Weezer are kicking off the new storefront, with special collections for their fanbase.

In the latest update, artist merchandise will appear in the Amazon Music app on participating artists’ pages. Users will see the merch side-by-side with the artists’ songs, albums, live streams, and music videos. Fans in the U.S. can shop for new gear while looking for their next song, and many of the items include Prime shipping for Prime members. The collections already include merch from artists like Billie Eilish, Jack Harlow, King Princess, Lady Gaga, and Gucci Mane.

Fans can shop the exclusive merchandise in the Amazon Music app or right here on Amazon.

To celebrate the launch, Amazon Music is debuting exclusive merchandise collections, including a new line of apparel developed by Selena Gomez to celebrate her upcoming Spanish-language EP, REVELACIÓN. Weezer is also launching an exclusive collection. The app also offers collections from Gwen Stefani, Metallica, Queen Naija, Pentatonix, Florida Georgia Line, and Queen.

“I wanted to offer my fans something special for the release of REVELACIÓN,” said Selena Gomez. “That’s why I worked to develop a beautiful, new collection of exclusive merch for Amazon Music. I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together.”

“Since the pandemic has temporarily eradicated the merch table, we’re really excited to have developed an exclusive collection of offerings with Amazon Music to bring the merch table directly to our fans,” says Weezer. “We can’t wait to see everyone back on the road when it’s safe again to tour!”

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“Fashion is an inseparable part of music and culture, and with the addition of merchandise to the Amazon Music app, we’re making it easier for artists to connect with their fans through our app,” said Sean McMullan, Amazon Music’s Director of Artist Product and Services. “It’s long been Amazon Music’s mission to strengthen the connection between artists and fans, and today’s launch furthers that goal by uniting streaming audio, music videos, live streams, podcasts, and now merch under one roof for the first time.”

Inspired by a Mexico City mural created to commemorate her single “Baila Conmigo,” Selena Gomez’s REVELACIÓN collection includes a variety of apparel from the pop star, including a colorful hoodie, graphic T-shirts, and a hat. On sale now, the collection is only available from Amazon.

Other Collections Include:

Just in time for the release of her new single, “Slow Clap,” this Friday, Gwen Stefani’s new merchandise line pays tribute to the artist’s extensive career, featuring hoodies and T-shirts that juxtapose Stefani’s iconic, SoCal ska-inspired look from the “Just A Girl” music video with her new look introduced in her recent single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.”

Queen Naija is now offering Amazon Music customers a new collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies sporting her crown logo, as well as designs tied to her song “Butterflies Pt. 2” and her recent album Misunderstood.

Pentatonix is offering an exclusive collection of merch celebrating the group’s newest album The Lucky Ones. The selection includes a coffee mug themed to the band’s single “Coffee in Bed,” a “Happy Now” sweatshirt to commemorate the album’s opening track, and a notebook themed to the group’s song, “A Little Space.”

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Metallica is offering a set of exclusive throwback T-shirts.
Amazon Music is the exclusive online retail partner for Wale, offering a selection of the rapper’s merchandise, including hoodies, T-shirts, and more tied to his most recent album, Wow… That’s Crazy.

Florida Georgia Line has also developed exclusive merch for Amazon Music. Featuring T-shirts, phone cases, totes, and more, the new collection pays tribute to the group’s love of fishing, Florida, and the great outdoors.

Queen is offering a merchandise collection that features designs inspired by the “Queen Crest,” which Freddie Mercury originally designed in 1973 for the band’s debut album.

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