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HBO’s ‘The Nevers’ Drama Series to Premiere in April

HBO set a premiere window for the new drama series “The Nevers,” currently slated to debut in April. The show will release on HBO and HBO Max with six-episodes, and the cast includes Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Rochelle Neil, Eleanor Tomlinson, Amy Manson, Pip Torrens, Denis O’Hare, Zackary Momoh, Elizabeth Berrington, Kiran Sawar, Anna Devlin, Viola Prettejohn, Ella Smith, Nick Frost, and Ben Chaplin.

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The network’s official description reads, “In the last years of Victoria’s reign, London is beset by the “Touched”: people – mostly women – who suddenly manifest abnormal abilities – some charming, some very disturbing. Among them are Amalia True (Laura Donnelly), a mysterious, quick-fisted widow, and Penance Adair (Ann Skelly), a brilliant young inventor. They are the champions of this new underclass, making a home for the Touched while fighting the forces of… well, pretty much all the forces – to make room for those whom history as we know it has no place.”

“The Nevers” is created and executive produced by Joss Whedon; executive produced by Bernadette Caulfield, Ilene S. Landress, Doug Petrie, Jane Espenson, and Philippa Goslett.

The network stopped short of announcing an exact premiere date for the upcoming drama series, but we will probably get one over the next few weeks when HBO releases a full-length trailer for the show. HBO did release a quick teaser trailer for “The Nevers” on social media on Tuesday morning, and fans can watch the promotional teaser below for a quick look at the cast and story. The video’s description on YouTube reads, “Society fears what it cannot understand. Experience the power of The Nevers, a new HBO original series, this April on HBOmax.”

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