Body Brokers

‘Body Brokers’ Sets a Digital Release in February

Vertical Entertainment set a hybrid release for “Body Brokers” this week. The movie will release in select theaters on February 19th, day-and-date with the on-demand and digital release. John Swab directed the movie, and the cast includes Jack Kilmer, Michael K. Williams, Jessica Rothe, Alice Englert, Peter Greene, Owen Campbell, Sam Quartin, and Thomas Dekker, with Frank Grillo and Melissa Leo.

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The studio’s description reads, “Utah and Opal are junkies living on the streets of rural Ohio until a seemingly chance encounter with the enigmatic Wood (Michael Kenneth Williams) brings them to Los Angeles for treatment. While Utah finds sobriety with the help of the treatment center shrink (Academy Award-Winner Melissa Leo), he soon learns that rehab is not about helping people—it’s merely a cover scheme for a multibillion dollar fraud operation, enlisting addicts to recruit other addicts. Seduced by the money, but troubled by the hypocrisy, Utah must decide between what will make him rich, and what will save Opal.”

New releases are few and far between on the winter box office schedule. Several major studios delayed their Winter/Spring releases into Summer 2021 this month, but a few movies like “Body Brokers” are releasing in select theaters wherever they can. Digital platforms and on-demand services are still your best bet to watch new movies for the next few weeks, and a few studios are releasing their projects on Hulu and Netflix instead of waiting out the health crisis.

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The studio released an official trailer for the movie this week to confirm the release date. Moviegoers can watch the video below for a quick preview of the cast and story before “Body Brokers” releases next month.

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