‘Into the Dark’ Returns with the Psychosexual Thriller ‘Tentacles’

Blumhouse Television’s “Into The Dark” franchise returns with an all-new episode on February 2nd. The last episode, “The Current Occupant,” released back in July, and fans have been eagerly awaiting a new story over the seven-month break. Clara Aranovich directed the new installment, working from a script by Alexandra Pechman. “Tentacles” stars Dana Drori, Casey Deidrick, Evan Williams, and Kasey Elise.

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The description reads, “Tentacles is a psychosexual horror-thriller about a young Los Angeles couple Tara (Dana Drori) and Sam (Casey Deidrick) who fall head over heels into a new romance, entwining their lives — until their intimacy transforms into something terrifying.”

Fans should be happy to stream a new episode after the long wait. Production on the series came to a stop last year because of the ongoing health crisis. The new episode was produced under strict health and safety guidelines. Hulu will release a trailer for the episode ahead of the premiere, so keep an eye on social media to watch the preview. Until then, horror-fans have several on-demand titles releasing in January and February and can keep themselves entertained over the next few weeks.

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If you’re new to the show, you have time to binge through the episodes ahead of the “Tentacles” premiere next week. Hulu’s description for the series reads, “Into The Dark is a monthly horror event series from prolific, award-winning producer, Jason Blum’s independent TV studio. Each feature-length installment is inspired by a holiday and features Blumhouse’s signature genre/thriller spin on the story. The series has explored nearly every facet of the horror genre, and with the latest installment presents a twist on gender roles in modern horror.”

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