PopSockets adds MagSafe Options for Phones

PopSockets has a new line of phone grips and lifestyle accessories on the way, and the company introduced several new MagSafe solutions at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show. The line allows wireless charging on iPhone 12 devices and many of the new options will be ready to ship in Spring 2021.

The company detailed three grips, a wallet with an integrated grip, and two mounts at this year’s event. The first grip, PopGrip for MagSafe, attaches magnetically to MagSafe-compatible cases for iPhone 12 devices. The second grip is the PopGrip Slide for iPhone 12 and attaches mechanically to the sides of the Apple Silicone Case series for iPhone 12 devices. The third grip is called PopGrip Slide Stretch, and attaches mechanically to the sides of most cases, including most cases for iPhone 12 devices.

You can shop the current lineup of PopGrips on the company’s official storefront right here on Amazon.

The PopWallet+ for MagSafe attaches magnetically to MagSafe-compatible cases, and new mounts enable users of PopSockets grips to magnetically mount their iPhone 12 devices without having to move their grips. The company also explained that all of the new grips feature swappable tops that allow users to switch out and customize the style and functionality of their grips.

“Developing a family of MagSafe solutions was a natural step in evolving our product family to support wireless charging. In 2019 we integrated swappable tops into our PopGrip line to enable users to easily twist off their tops when wirelessly charging with third-party chargers. In 2020, we launched our award-winning PopPower, a wireless charger that enables users to charge their devices wirelessly without removing their PopGrip tops. And now we have a family of optimal solutions for users of MagSafe wireless charging,” said David Barnett, CEO and Founder of PopSockets.

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The PopGrip for MagSafe and the PopWallet+ for MagSafe will launch in Spring 2021, followed by the PopMount for MagSafe Multi-Surface and PopMount for MagSafe Car Vent in Summer 2021. The PopGrip Slide Stretch will launch March 21st on the company’s website and in select Target locations nationwide, followed by a broader launch. The PopGrip Slide will launch May 1st on the company’s site and in Apple stores.

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