The Night

‘The Night’ Sets Theatrical and Digital Release Dates

IFC Midnight shared an official trailer for “The Night,” an upcoming horror-thriller from director Kourosh Ahari. “The Night” is opting for a hybrid release, opening in select theaters on January 29th, as well as on VOD and digital platforms.

Milad Jarmooz and Kourosh Ahar wrote the movie’s script, which stars Shahab Hosseini, Niousha Jafarian, Leah Oganyan, and George Maguire.

The synopsis reads, “The Night is a psychological thriller that follows an Iranian couple, Babak and Neda, and their one-year-old daughter, Shabnam. Returning home from a friend’s gathering, Babak drives drunkenly, too stubborn to let Neda drive with a suspended license. When Babak’s driving threatens the safety of the family, Neda insists they stay the night at a hotel. Once they check-in, Babak and Neda find themselves imprisoned, forced to face the secrets they’ve kept from each other. And though the clock moves forward, “the night” never ends.”

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All department heads leading the production are Iranian or of Iranian descent. The movie went into production in 2018, at the start of Trump’s Iran sanctions imposition. The production team employed Iranians in leadership roles in all key creative positions above and below the line, including both lead acting roles, while the move was produced here in the United States.

The studio added, “Iranians are so underrepresented, they are combined with a number of other ethnic backgrounds in both AMPAS’ classifications and the US Census as “Middle Eastern”, despite Iran’s cinema and cultural heritage being one of the most significant in global cinema’s history.”

While the film may have been produced in the United States, the film recently received a license for theatrical release in Iran, making it the first US-produced film to do so since the Iran revolution according to the studio.

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