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‘Kid Cosmic’ Trailer Sets January Premiere Date on Netflix

Netflix set a premiere date and dropped a trailer for “Kid Cosmic,” a new animated series scheduled to premiere on the platform on February 2nd. Netflix ordered 10 episodes for the show’s first season, which features the voice talents of Jack Fisher (Kid), Amanda C Miller (Jo), Keith Ferguson (Papa G), Tom Kenny (Chuck), and Fred Tatasciore (Tuna Sandwich).

Craig McCracken serves as executive producer and showrunner on “Kid Cosmic,” who also brought us the hit series “Powerpuff Girls,” “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” and “Wander Over Yonder.”

The description reads, “Kid Cosmic follows the adventures of an imaginative and enthusiastic boy who lives with his free-spirited Grandpa in a sparsely populated desert town. The Kid’s dreams of being a hero seem to come true when he discovers 5 Cosmic Stones of Power in a wrecked spaceship. He forms a team of local heroes to stop an onslaught of alien attacks to steal back the stones. Though the Kid and his team are the good guys, they’re really bad at it,and the Kid learns that his fantasy of being a hero is very different from the reality of what it actually means to become one.”

Netflix released a first look trailer for the series on social media on Tuesday morning.

The video’s description on YouTube adds, “The KID, an imaginative and odd 9 year old boy who lives with his free-spirited Grandpa in a sparsely populated town accidentally finds and activates 5 cosmic rings of power in a space ship wreck, sending a signal out of the whereabouts of the most powerful and desirable artifacts in the cosmos. Now the Earth is about to be ground zero for an epic battle for ultimate power! The KID gives the rest of the powerful rings to locals who become the good guys… even though they’re bad at it.”

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