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Netflix to Produce Korean Series ‘Glitch’ by Gin Han-sai

Netflix is producing a new Korean original series called “Glitch,” written and produced by the creators behind the popular Korean show “Extracurricular.” The series follows Hong Ji-hyo, who tries to track down her missing boyfriend with the help of members of a UFO club.

In the announcement, Netflix described Gin Han-sai’s new project adding, “Now in Glitch, he unravels an intriguing and intense story about members of a UFO club who pursue those who have disappeared in a mysterious beam of light. Their special quest, which seems preposterous to society at large, is told within the framework of a suspenseful comic thriller.”

“Glitch” is produced by Yoon Shin-ae’s Studio 329, the production team behind “Six Flying Dragons,” “Time Between Dog,” “Wolf, Emperor Of The Sea,” and “Full House.” “Glitch,” written by Gin Han-sai with production by Studio 329, will be released only on Netflix.

Netflix recently announced a Season 2 order for the Japanese series “Alice in Borderland,” which premiered on December 10th. That series became an instant hit in Japan, as well as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. “Alice in Borderland” also hit the Top 10 lists in Germany, France, Portugal, Austria, and Greece, among other places. Netflix stated that in all, the series has been in Top 10 in nearly 40 countries and territories.

The platform also secured the exclusive right of “The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity,” a Chinese language fantasy film based on the Japanese fantasy novel Onmyōji, scripted/directed by Guo Jingming, creator of “Tiny Times.” That project will feature Mark Chao and Allen Deng and will be available worldwide on Netflix starting on February 5, 2021.

Netflix did not set a premiere date for “Glitch” at this time, but casting details and a release window should be announced over the next few months.

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