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Martin Scorsese’s ‘Pretend It’s a City’ Docuseries Shares a Preview

Netflix shared a first look trailer for the docuseries, “Pretend It’s a City,” slated to premiere on the platform on January 8th. Martin Scorsese directed the project, which centers around iconic New Yorker Fran Lebowitz.

The description reads, “Fran Lebowitz knows what she likes—and what she doesn’t like. And she won’t wait for an invitation to tell you. For decades, the critic and essayist has been expressing her opinions, sometimes grouchily, always riotously. A New Yorker to the core, Lebowitz has raised straight talk to an art form, packaging her no-nonsense observations about the city and its denizens into a punchy running commentary, one that spares nobody.”

Netflix added, “Pretend it’s a City checks in with a classic urban voice on subjects ranging from tourists, money, subways and the arts to the not-so-simple act of walking in Times Square. (There is a right way to do it.) Along the way, Lebowitz’s own past comes into focus: a life marked by constant curiosity and invigorating independence.”

Scorsese, Lebowitz, David Tedeschi, Ted Griffin, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Joshua Porter, and Margaret Bodde served as executive producers on the docuseries.

Martin Scorsese also served as an executive producer on “Pieces of a Woman,” which is scheduled to launch on Netflix on January 7th. Kornél Mundruczó directed the film, which won the 2014 Prix Un Certain Regard Award, working from a script by Kata Wéber.

The description reads, “Martha and Sean  are a Boston couple on the verge of parenthood whose lives change irrevocably when a home birth ends in unimaginable tragedy. Thus begins a yearlong odyssey for Martha, who must navigate her grief while working through fractious relationships with Sean and her domineering mother (Ellen Burstyn), along with the publicly vilified midwife (Molly Parker), whom she must face in court.”

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