Alice in Borderland

‘Alice in Borderland’ Renewed a Second Season at Netflix

Netflix renewed the thriller series “Alice in Borderland” for a second season. Directed by Shinsuke Sato, with music by Yutaka Yamada, the popular Japanese drama stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya.

The extended cast includes Nijiro Murakami, Yuki Morinaga, Keita Machida, Ayaka Miyoshi, Dori Sakurada, Aya Asahina, Shuntaro Yanagi, Yutaro Watanabe, Ayame Misaki, Mizuki Yoshida, Tsuyoshi Abe, Nobuaki Kaneko, Sho Aoyagi, and Riisa Naka.

If you’re new to the series and are thinking about diving in over the holiday break, the official description reads, “Arisu—a listless, jobless and video-game-obsessed young man—suddenly finds himself in a strange, emptied-out version of Tokyo in which he and his friends must compete in dangerous games in order to survive. In this strange world, Arisu meets Usagi, a young woman who’s navigating the games alone. Together, they set out to unravel one mystery after another as they risk their lives and confront what it means to live.”

The eight-episode debut season launched on Netflix earlier this winter and quickly became a social media hit. In the Season 2 announcement, Netflix stated that “Alice in Borderland” is now the “most popular Japanese Original live action” title on the platform. Yoshiki Watabe, Yasuko Kuramitsu, and Shinsuke Sato served as writers on the first season, with Kaata Sakamoto serving as executive producer.

Netflix stopped short of announcing a premiere date for the follow-up season, but more information and a few teaser trailers will be released when the project returns to production. The video streaming service released an announcement trailer on Thursday for fans of the ongoing series, and if you missed the promotional video on social media, you could watch the video below. Fans of the show will have to wait a few more weeks to get new details on the show, but should be happy to hear that new episodes are in the works, and headed for Netflix in 2021.

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