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Tyler Wayne’s Thriller ‘Goodbye Butterfly’ Sets January Release Date

Gravitas Ventures acquired the thriller “Goodbye, Butterfly” and will release the movie on TVOD and digital platforms day & date with the theatrical release on January 15, 2021.

The psychological thriller serves as the feature film directorial debut of Tyler Wayne, who also wrote the screenplay. The film features an original score by Emmy Award and ASCAP winning composer Peter Fish, and stars Adam Donshik, Andy Lauer, Marie Burke, Angela Sauer, Addison Ross, Jennifer Adams, and Jeremy London.

“A thirst for retributive justice is a base human drive in the face of tragedy. Filmmaker Tyler Wayne has taken this and run with it, creating a taut, morally nuanced thriller that keeps you guessing to the end,” says Megan Huggins of Gravitas Ventures.

The description reads, “Ryan Olsen (Donshik) is a loving family man with the perfect life… until the day his five-year-old daughter is murdered. When the official police investigation hits a dead end, Ryan has a chance encounter with Stan Granger (Lauer ), an oddball neighbor from down the street, and becomes convinced that Stan is the killer. But, after the police ignore his suspicions, Ryan’s obsession with Stan quickly turns violent and, as he takes the law into his own hands, he must ultimately decide how far he’s willing to go in order to find out the truth. Twists and turns will keep audiences at the edge of their seats as they ponder the question: How would you go for justice? After all, when you’ve lost everything, you become capable of anything.”

“I hope audiences are drawn to find their own answers to the questions we raise in ‘Goodbye, Butterfly’,” states director Tyler Wayne.

Artisha Mann Cooper negotiated on behalf of the filmmaking team directly with Megan Huggins on behalf of Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company.

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