Onyx Equinox

Sofia Alexander’s ‘Onyx Equinox’ Tells a Unique Mesoamerican Story

Crunchyroll’s “Onyx Equinox” is slated to premiere on November 21st, offering anime fans something new to stream as we march towards the holiday weekend. Leading up to the launch, creator Sofia Alexander shared her thoughts on the new series, and how she hopes fans will embrace the characters and cultures in the story.

“For anime fans, I want them to view Onyx Equinox the way they experienced some of their first anime, like for example, Naruto or Inu-Yasha. Both those series are deeply connected with Japanese culture, history and mythology. Even if you know nothing about Japanese culture, you connect with the characters and their emotions and struggles, and you become more familiar as you watch, and become more interested in learning about those things,” Alexander said in a statement. “I hope that you have the same draw to mesoamerican culture as well.” 

Crunchyroll has been promoting the series over the last few weeks, and shared several trailers that highlight the main characters of the story, as well as the art style. The show’s official description reads, “The gods are at war for the future of humanity, and an Aztec boy named Izel finds himself caught in the middle of their dangerous game. In order to save humankind, he must complete an impossible task–closing the five gates to the underworld. Izel reluctantly agrees, but only after learning his quest will also correct a terrible tragedy. His journey to become humanity’s champion will be one of hope and despair, of trust and betrayal, where Izel must confront his own darkness and decide if the human race–with all its flaws and contradictions–is worth saving.”

Alexander added, “For fans of Western animation, I hope they see the appeal of action-drama animation for adults. For Mexican fans, I hope they feel at home watching this series and recognize some of the locations we visit. Lots of Latin Americans grew up on anime, so I hope they feel seen in some way by this series, and feel inspired to tell their own stories from their own experiences.”

If you like to set reminders, the series debuts on Saturday at 1 PM PT, and is only available on Crunchyroll. You can watch the series’ official trailer below for a quick preview of the story.

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