Corsair, one of the industry’s leading high-performance gaming peripherals and components manufacturers, announced that the company has acquired the smartphone app EpocCam. Corsair has been making a strong push into the creator’s market over the last few years, also acquiring the company streaming-focused company Elgato.

According to Corsair, “EpocCam is one of the leading video apps in the Apple App Store with over 5 million downloads, allowing users to easily turn their iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, into a wireless high definition webcam for Windows and macOS. EpocCam works seamlessly with major video applications such as Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams to chat, stream, or record in HD resolution.”

EpocCam will fall into the Elgato subsidiary to further expand its content creator product portfolio, with EpocCam creator and lead developer Sami Grohn joining Elgato as Principal Software Engineer.

If you’re a budding creator on the rise, you can check out Corsair’s current lineup on the company’s official store page on Amazon. There you’ll find capture cards, PC components, mics, mice, headsets, lights, and the Stream Deck to control them all.

Corsair also stated that Elgato relaunched the EpocCam for iOS this week. You can find the App right here on the Apple App Store. Setup is easy enough, you simply download the app, then install the computer drivers. After they are setup, you simply connect your phone to your PC through Wi-Fi or a USB wire, then set EpocCam as the webcam on your computer.

The description adds, “Featuring a new digital presence and user experience, EpocCam has been integrated into the wider Elgato ecosystem of content creation tools, allowing users to stream, record, collaborate, and look just as polished online as they do in person. Further exciting updates to EpocCam are already in development.”

If you’re running out of inputs on your PC or Mac, you should also check out the Corsair TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 Dock, which offers up to 40Gbps bandwidth and smart charging for your phone or laptop. The device offers several USB-C 3.1 SuperSpeed 10Gbps ports, as well as USB-A 3.1 SuperSpeed 5Gbps, and HDMI ports. You’ll event find a gigabit ethernet port, 3.5mm amplified audio combo jack, and UHS-II SD card built into the aluminum housing.

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