Sleepless Beauty

‘Sleepless Beauty’ Horror-Thriller Goes Digital in November

Epic Pictures will release the horror-thriller “Sleepless Beauty” on VOD and digital platforms on November 10th, followed by a Blu-ray release on November 17th.

The description reads, “Sleepless Beauty tells a twisted story about a young woman, Mila, who is kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as Recreation. Her unknown abductors talk to her through a loudspeaker and set strict rules: she cannot sleep and has to fulfill bizarre and violent tasks if she hopes to stay alive. At first, it looks like someone’s sick idea of entertainment but as the demands become more intense, Mila begins to realize that she is losing control of her own mind and instead, may be a pawn in a twisted and deadly psychological experiment.”

Pavel Khvaleev directed the film, which stars Polina Davydova. Aleksandra Khvaleeva wrote the script, with Frank Ellrich, Georgiy Smirnov, and Elena Talyanksaya serving as producers on the project. Cinematography and editing is by Khvaleev.

The movie held its world premiere at the 2020 Imagine Film Festival, and was an official selection for the 2020 Sitges Film Festival, the 2020 Dead Of Night Film Festival, and the 2020 Obscura Berlin Film Festival.

The studio released an official trailer for the film late last week, and if you missed the video, you can watch the trailer below for a quick look at the setting and story before “Sleepless Beauty” releases next month.

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