Mattel is developing a feature film based on “Thomas & Friends,” the global franchise about the iconic blue engine. Mattel Films is partnering with 2Dux² for the new “Thomas & Friends” project, which will blend live-action and animation. This is one of several Mattel projects in development, but the company did announce a premiere window at this time.

Mattel Films will co-produce the movie alongside Marc Forster, who will also direct, and Renée Wolfe, co-founder and co-CEO of 2Dux². Alyssa Hill and Jesse Wigutow have penned the script, and Robbie Brenner will serve as executive producer, with Kevin McKeon as supervising producer.

“Thomas is a beloved global franchise that focuses on the importance of friendship, a theme that resonates deeply with children and parents around the world,” said Brenner. “Marc is an incredible storyteller and I look forward to partnering with him to tell Thomas’ story in a modern and unexpected way.”

“Thomas has been a personal favorite of mine since childhood,” said Forster. “I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Robbie and the entire team at Mattel, and embarking on this beautiful journey with such a timeless property.”

The studio added, “Thomas & Friends, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, introduces children to the world around them through the wonder and awe of trains. Thomas was first created in 1945 by Rev. W. Awdry in stories for his son, Christopher. Today, the character is just as beloved by children as he was when he first chugged down the tracks. Thomas’ stories are currently told through the “Thomas & Friends” television series (now in its 24th season), toys, books, apps and more.”

“Thomas & Friends” joins other Mattel Films projects in development including films based on “American Girl,” “Barbie,” “Barney,” “Hot Wheels,” “Magic 8 Ball,” “Major Matt Mason,” “Masters of the Universe,” “View Master,” and “Wishbone.”

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