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Zac Efron to Star in ‘Firestarter’ Remake from Universal-Blumhouse

Universal Pictures is working on a “Firestarter” remake, and Zac Efron will star in the movie. The film is from Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, and Weed Road Productions, and will be based on Stephen King’s sci-fi thriller novel.

Keith Thomas will direct the new version, working off a screenplay by Scott Teems, who will also executive produce. Jason Blum and Academy Award winner Akiva Goldsman will produce the project. Martha De Laurentiis, who was an associate producer on the 1984 adaptation of “Firestarter” starring Drew Barrymore, will executive produce.

The 1984 version made over $17M for the studio and starred Barrymore, David Keith, Freddie Jones, Heather Locklear, Martin Sheen, and Art Carney. Mark L. Lester directed that adaptation.

Drew Barrymore’s version was one of several Stephen King adaptation in the 1980s, following hits like “Carrie,” “The Shining,” “Christine,” and “Cujo.” The 1984 “Firestarter” released the same year that “Children of the Corn” hit theaters.

The remake will reunite Goldsman and Blum, who have previously collaborated on the “Paranormal Activity” franchise.

The movie’s official description reads, “A young girl develops pyrokinetic abilities and is abducted by a secret government agency that wants to harness her powerful gift as a weapon.”

King’s books have sold more than 350M copies worldwide. If you like to read the original work before seeing the adaptation, you can find King’s “Firestarter” right here on Amazon.

In the 1980s, King adaptation were hit and miss, and the recent resurgence of King-based movies are doing the same thing. The 2017 blockbuster “IT” made over $700M worldwide, while the 2019 adaptation of “Doctor Sleep” made $72M globally.

Fans of Effron can see currently him in the docu-series “Down to Earth” on Netflix.

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