Aukey Gaming RGB Keyboard

Aukey Expands RGB Keyboard Line with G12 and G15 Options

AUKEY made a name for itself as a leading innovator in power and charging tech, with devices ranging from earbuds, wireless chargers, USB ports, webcams, and wall chargers. The company is expanding its gaming lineup this fall with the release of two new gaming keyboards called the AUKEY KM-G12 and the AUKEY KM-G15 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards.

The devices aren’t the first gaming keyboards that the company has released. AUKEY already found success with the 104-key AUKEY RGB Mechanical Keyboard, and is introducing a limited edition Sakura Pink 108-key KM-G15  to celebrate its success.

The keyboards offer the standard feature sets, including RGB backlighting, full n-key rollover with anti-ghosting, gaming software for customizations, and the popular blue mechanical switches.

In a statement, the company added, “The team is extremely proud of the ‘AUKEY Blue Switches,’ which were designed and developed by a team of gaming enthusiasts over a period of five years. These special mechanical switches are designed for high-intensity action such as in MOBA games. You’ll get faster response, precise tactile feedback, and a longer key switch lifespan of up to 50 million key-presses.”

The 104-key AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is now available right here on Amazon and the limited edition Sakura Pink 108-key AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is expected to be available in October. You can sign up to be notified once its available right here on Amazon.

Other gaming-themed products from AUKEY include mice, keyboard keycap sets with Fortnite themes, and headsets.

You can find AUKEY’s entire lineup of gaming and non-gaming products on the company’s Amazon storefront. You can shop between keyboards, mice, chargers, wireless earpods, adapters, cables, hubs, battery packs, car cameras, smart plugs, and even lamps. If it’s electronic, there’s a good chance AUKEY makes a low-cost version that will fit your needs.

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