The drama “The Devil has a Name” will release in select theaters on October 16th, and will release the same day on-demand and on digital platforms. Edward James Olmos directed the drama, working from a screenplay by Rob McEveety. The cast includes David Strathairn, Kate Bosworth, Edward James Olmos, Katie Aselton, Haley Joel Osment with Alfred Molina, and Martin Sheen.

The description for “The Devil has a Name” reads, “An ambitious oil executive leaves the whole industry exposed when she attempts to outwit a recently widowed farmer whose water she has poisoned.”

James Olmos talked about the film’s message in a statement adding, “What’s happening to our World, what we’re letting happen, is nothing short of a tragedy. I know it’s easy to feel powerless to stop it, and it’s even easier to deny it’s happening at all. But at the end of the day, we need to face the fact that no one else is going to stop climate change; no one else is going to heal this Earth. It’s only ever been up to us.”

The director added, “If The Devil Has a Name makes you think twice about these corporations and where their interests truly lie, if it makes you empathize with the victim rather than the accused, if it gets you thinking that all this could be run in a fairer, cleaner, kinder manner, then my work and the work of our incredible cast and crew has been worth it. We set out to tell the human side of corporate predation and pollution. Our story was small but our intention is enormous. If we can get everyone to agree that no one should have their water poisoned, their life’s work destroyed, or their reputation threatened in order for a company to save a buck, then surely we can get them to agree that polluting our entire planet for the sake of convenience is an act unworthy of humanity.”

If you missed the trailer that the studio released on social media, you can watch that promotional video below.

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