Bose QuietComfort In-Ear

Bose Introduces In-Ear QuietComfort and Sport Earbuds

Bose introduced new QuietComfort Earbuds this week, which the company says offers the quiet of Bose around-ear noise-canceling headphones in an in-ear design. The company also announced the Sport Earbuds, which feature a smaller, slimmer enclosure that stay securely in place without ear hooks.

The new QC Earbuds offer advancements in hardware and software. Each bud measures just over an inch long and weighs only 0.3 ounces. They may be small but the company says they perform as well as previous QuietComforts installments.

According to Bose, the Sport Earbuds deliver better audio quality than their predecessor, packed into a design that is half the size. The QC Earbuds will be sold for $279 and the Sport Earbuds will be sold for $179. Both are available on September 29th and can be pre-ordered starting today.

You can compare the models on the official Bose storefront page right here on Amazon.

“We spent a lot of time making sure our new QuietComfort Earbuds were the most effective noise cancelling in-ear headphones ever,” said Mehul Trivedi, category director, Bose wearable audio. “But they also sound incredible and are a pleasure to wear and use. That’s an unbeatable combination that puts them ahead of the industry and makes them every bit a QuietComfort.”

The QC earbuds feature StayHear Max tips, which create a soft-yet-tight seal. The buds use multiple microphones to sense, measure, and send any remaining noise to a proprietary electronic chip loaded with an exclusive new algorithm. Together with tiny transducers, the system responds with a precise, equal, and opposite signal in less than a fraction of a millisecond.

The QC Earbuds come with 11 levels of noise control so you can choose how much of the world you let in or keep out. Bose also stated that QC Earbuds avoid manufactured “boosts” in select frequencies, opting for faithful reproduction. This means that unlike conventional earbuds, the bass on your favorite songs won’t disappear or distort. When you watch movies, videos, news, and podcasts, the Earbuds won’t give off that electronic “hiss,” and that speech and dialogue will sound natural.

The new QuietComfort Earbuds have 18 hours of total listening time according to the company, and that includes 6 hours with a fill charge and the additional 12 hours from the charging case. They have a matte finish with metallic and gloss accents and come in two colors: Triple Black and Soapstone.

The new Sport Earbuds also feature the new StayHear Max tip, and they “lock” in place for high-impact and low-impact exercise without hurting or budging. The new Sport Earbuds have up to 5 hours of battery life and a charging case that provides up to 10 hours of additional playback time. They come in Triple Black, Baltic Blue, and Glacier White.

The new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and Sport Earbuds are equally compatible with iOS devices, Android devices, and native VPAs. They use Bluetooth 5.1 and are IPX4 rated to resist sweat and water. Each has simple on-bud touch controls for the most common commands like play and pause, answer and end calls, and access to your personal assistant.

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