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JBL Outlines Fall Lineup of Truly Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers

JBL teased the company’s Fall lineup this week, which includes several pairs of true wireless headphones and a wide-array of portable Bluetooth speakers.

“JBL has always been dedicated to reinventing the way people experience and hear the world around them,” said Dave Rogers, President, Lifestyle Audio Division at HARMAN. “We are so proud to unveil this diverse mix of new products, which strengthen our reputation as the fastest-growing headphone brand in the world and the market leader in portable speakers.”

There are two new true wireless headphones on the way, and they will be available on October 25th. The JBL CLUB PRO+ and JBL Endurance PEAK II will both ship ahead of the holiday shopping season.

The CLUB PRO+ is the newest addition to the JBL CLUB Series, and they are the first truly wireless in-ear headphones in the line. The device features advanced noise cancellation and smart assistant technology. For athletes, the in-ear JBL Endurance PEAK II delivers JBL Pure Bass sound, an IPX7 waterproof design, 30-hour combined battery life, and independent earbud connections.

Pricing for the CLUB PRO+ will be $199.95, while the JBL Endurance PEAK II will be $99.95.

JBL outlined three new portable speakers in the announcement, and they will also launch between October and December. The three new models are the JBL Go 3, JBL Clip 4, and JBL Xtreme 3. According to the company, each comes with an upgraded logo design and new colors.

For music on-the-go, the pocket-sized JBL Go 3 and JBL Clip 4 speakers are available in an IP67 waterproof and dustproof design. The JBL Go 3 plays for five hours on a single charge and comes with a new, integrated loop for convenient carrying. The JBL Clip 4 boasts an impressive 10 hours of playtime and improve bass, with an integrated carabiner.

On a much larger scale, the JBL Xtreme 3 waterproof and dustproof speaker is the newest generation of the popular JBL Xtreme Bluetooth line. The latest addition is built to deliver 15 hours of immersive stereo sound with four improved drivers and two JBL Bass Radiators.

The JBL Go 3 will be available in October 2020 for $39.95, while the JBL Xtreme 3 will be available in November for $349.95. The JBL Clip 4 will be available in December for $69.95.

You can shop the current JBL line and compare models right here on Amazon.

JBL will also be adding two new models to its popular JBL PartyBox Series: the JBL PartyBox On-The-Go and PartyBox 310. Each model features rechargeable batteries and is designed for maximum portability with either a shoulder strap or wheels, and playing JBL Pro Sound with a light show that syncs to your music. Both will be available on October 25, with the PartyBox On-The-Go priced at $299.95 and the PartyBox 310 at $499.95.

Additionally, the JBL Quantum gaming headset line will be adding a brand new in-ear option for players looking for a more lightweight listening experience: the JBL Quantum 50.

The company stated that the built-in JBL QuantumSOUND Signature technology maximizes audio immersion and amplifies the slightest of details in the headset. The ultra-soft silicone earbuds come with twist-lock technology, ensuring a superior comfort-secure fit during the longest of gaming sessions. The mic is also built closer to the mouth position for superior voice pickup and minimal noise, ideal for multi-player gameplay and even just taking calls. The JBL Quantum 50 will be available on September 4 in black and white for $29.95.

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