Gravitas Ventures set a release date for “I Met a Girl,” a YA romance-drama now slated to hit theaters on September 11th. If theaters are still closed in your area at that time, you will also be able to stream the movie On-demand the same day. Luke Eve directed the film, working off a script by Glen Dolman. “I Met a Girl” stars Brenton Thwaites, Joel Jackson, and Lily Sullivan.

The description reads, “I Met A Girl follows the story of Devon, an aspiring musician with schizophrenia who is dependent on his older brother, Nick to care for him. However, when Nick’s wife, Olivia becomes pregnant, they arrange for Devon to move out. On a downward spiral, Devon is saved by Lucy a mysterious girl who is just as impulsive and romantic as he is. After one day together, they fall completely in love. Devon then arranges for Nick to meet her, but Lucy doesn’t show. They try to find her but her apartment is empty. Nick suspects that Lucy is a delusion, while Devon, desperate to prove his sanity, discovers a note that she wrote him: meet me in Sydney. And Devon sets off on an epic, cross-country journey to find her; the girl of his dreams… who may be all in his head.”

If you missed the trailer for the film that the studio released on Tuesday morning, you can watch that video below for a look at the cast and story.

Thwaites’ fans are waiting for new episodes of “Titans,” which is moving to HBO Max. In that DC series, the actor stars as Robin/Nightwing. Thwaites recently starred in the war-thriller “Ghosts of War,” from writer and director Eric Bress, alongside Theo Rossi and Kyle Gallner.

“I Met a Girl” is getting a limited release in September, so keep the film on your radar and check local listings ahead of the premiere date.

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