Epic Pictures set a digital release date for “The Swerve,” the latest drama from writer and director Dean Kapsalis. Azura Skye stars in the film, alongside Bryce Pinkham and Ashley Bell. The film will be releasing on major VOD and digital platforms on September 22nd.

You can find the movie right here on iTunes.

The description reads, “Holly seems to have it all: two kids, a nice house, a good job as a teacher, and a husband with his career on the way up. But there are troubling signs that all is not right in her world. The insomnia. The medication for the insomnia. The dreams from the medication for the insomnia. The arrival of her estranged sister and a mouse invading her home don’t help either. Add the weight of a dark secret, and her already delicate balance collapses, sending her spiraling out of control.”

The movie held its world premiere at the 2019 Cinepocalypse Film Festival and screened at the 2019 Panic Film Festival where Azura Skye won the award for Best Actress. The actor recently played the role of Darla in the hit CW series “Riverdale,” and played Helen McGantry in the “Charmed” reboot.

“The Swerve is such a mesmerizing film from the perspective of someone we should call more often, Mom. A woman’s happiness is often an afterthought and it’s something so beautifully captured in this film,” added Yulissa Morales, Epic Pictures and Dread’s Director of Distribution.

The studio released a trailer for the film earlier this week. If you missed the release, you can watch the video below for a better look at the cast and story.

The Digital Box Office is offering a lot of content over the next few weeks as movie theaters slowly start to open across the country. If you live in an area where theaters are still closed, you have a lot of options to stream on VOD and digital platforms.

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