Logitech G Color Colleciton

‘Logitech G-Series Color Collection’ Offers Impressive Tech in Fashionable Colors

Logitech G introduced a new lineup of gaming gear this week called the Logitech G-Series Color Collection. The collection includes the G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset, which comes in four distinct colors, as well as the G203 and G305 gaming mice. Logitech is also introducing a great looking G915 TKL gaming keyboard to complete the set.

“As gaming becomes a bigger part of pop culture, personal expression and style have become a huge part of a gamers’ identity,” said Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G. “With that in mind we set out to design a collection of high-performance gaming gear in a fun and colorful way.”

The company explained the need for color in the announcement adding, “From gaming accessories to product packaging, grey, white and black colors have historically dominated the gaming industry, but as gaming expands to meet the needs of more diverse consumers, personal expression through this community is shifting.”

The new G733 wireless headset comes in White, Blue, Lilac and Black. The device is on the lighter side at 278g and features a reversible suspension headband and soft dual-layer memory foam ear-pads. The G733 also has a collection of color-coordinated headband straps and mic covers that are also compatible with all Logitech G headsets and mic booms.

“We set out to design a full-featured headset that lets people show off their personalities,” said Tiffany Beers, head of audio engineering at Logitech G. “The G733 and available accessories do just that. It’s a reliable, high-quality gaming headset that fits with your environment and lets you display your individual expression without compromising on technology.”

In addition to the G733 headset, gamers can choose from a Black or White version of the Logitech G915 TKL wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. You can expand your colorful collection with Black, White, Blue or Lilac versions of the Logitech G203 gaming mouse, or the G305 wireless gaming mouse. Personally, I’m a big fan of the white G915 TKL, and I think it might be one of Logitech’s best-looking models in the set.

“Gamers and streamers are looking for more ways to express their sense of style and personality,” said Elspeth Eastman, TWITCH streamer, gamer, and voice actor. “Whether it’s Black, White, or Lilac or a mix of all the colors, we want to express ourselves when we play for fun.”

The Logitech G733 headset is expected to retail for $129, and the straps and mic covers will be available in five different options for $9.99/each.

Moving onto the other hardware, the G915 TKL gaming keyboard will retail for $229, and the Logitech G305 wireless mouse will ship for $59. The Logitech G203 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse will cost $39, and all products are expected to be available in September of 2020.

You can compare models and shop the currently lineup of Logitech G tech on the company’s official store-page right here on Amazon.

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