SYFY Sets Premiere Date for ‘Magical Girl Friendship Squad’ and ‘Wild Life’

SYFY newest animated-comedies, “Magical Girl Friendship Squad” and “Wild Life,” are scheduled to premiere back-to-back on September 26th. The shows mark the network’s first two originals for its late-night adult animation block TZGZ.

The description for “Magical Girl Friendship Squad” reads, “When a little red panda named Nut (Ana Gasteyer) arrives in the apartment of two directionless twenty-somethings and gives them the ability to transform into badass magical girls, Alex (Quinta Brunson) and Daisy (Anna Akana) are forced to get their shit together in order to save the Universe from otherworldly threats. Through a journey of love and friendship and with the help of their magical objects (birth control and a bong), Alex and Daisy learn to wield their new powers and protect their mysterious panda friend who claims to be the creator of the Universe.”

The 6-episode, 15-minute long anime-inspired comedy also stars Matteo Lane. Christine Baranski, Eric Bauza, Helen Hong, Manny Jacinto, and Sarah “Squirm” Sherman recur. Guest stars include Paget Brewster, Patti Harrison, Jamie Loftus, Vella Lovell, and Jason Mantzoukas.

Produced by Cartuna, the Magical Girl Friendship Squad franchise, which includes a shorter-form version “Origins,” is created by Kelsey Stephanides, who also serves as showrunner. James Belfer, Adam Belfer and Max Benator executive produce, along with Hallie Cantor who is also the lead writer.

The synopsis for “Wild Life” adds, “WILD LIFE is a comedy about a gang of zoo animal friends hanging out after the apocalypse. There’s the pacifist cheetah Glenn (John Reynolds), bubbly dolphin Marny (Claudia O’Doherty), hyper fox Hudson (Baron Vaughn), psychedelic koala Darby (Reggie Watts), self-care loving panda Debbie (SkittLeZ Ortiz) and energy drink-guzzling sloth Viv (Natalie Palamides). Together, they come up with elaborate schemes to entertain themselves and just keep from going insane. From taking trips to a mutant-infested mall for hood ornaments to stumbling upon an old broadcast studio and creating their own shows, these critters are always up to something.”

The 6-episode, 15-minute series is executive produced by creator Adam Davies, as well as Alex Plapinger, Dylan Dawson, Valparaiso Pictures, and Octopie.

SYFY‘s TZGZ slate includes four original series: “Devil May Care,” “Hell Den,” “Magical Girl Friendship Squad,” and “Wild Life,” and eleven acquired series. The acquired series are “Alien’s Guide to Earth,” “Brogan Master Of Castles,” “Cyanide And Happiness,” “Dallas and Robo,” “Don’t Feed the Humans,” “Dr. Havoc’s Diary,” “Gary and his Demons,” “Hell Den: Season 1,” “Purgatony, Science,” and “Magical Girl Friendship Squad: Origins.”

The slate also includes five original pilots: “Chronicles of Frank,” “The Black Hole,” “The Pole,” “Plutonians,” and “Psycho Psalms.”

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