The United States election is only 100 days away, and teams are mobilizing to get voters registered in preparation for election day. The When We All Vote organization released a video message from Michelle Obama over the weekend, calling on all eligible voters to get registered, organized, and to take action.

The former First Lady said, “It’s official — we are just 100 days out from the 2020 election! And with everything that’s been going on this year, this election could not be more important for the future of our country.”

Mrs. Obama announced that When We All Vote is launching a Week of Action from September 20th to 27th to mobilize a national network of volunteers around voter registration and turnout. The company stated that it had already registered more than 100K people to vote, and set a goal to register over 100,000 more in the lead up to the General Election.

Mrs. Obama added, “So all that good work you’ve been doing—all the outreach… the voter registration parties… the efforts to make sure no American has to choose between their health or their vote on Election Day—that work is more important than ever before. Because every American deserves to have their voice heard at the ballot box… every American deserves to have a say in the future of this country we all love. So keep that foot on the gas!”

The company also stated, that due to the coronavirus pandemic, that it has seen a nationwide dip in voter registration. To combat the decline in voter registrations, When We All Vote is reaching out to eligible voters through virtual events, digital grassroots organizing, and community and corporate partnerships.

“First, let’s make sure everyone we know is registered and ready to vote come November,” she added. “Then, take it a step further by signing up at to participate in our Week of Action this September.”

Everyone can register to vote, and everyone can sign up to help get their community registered now and during the Week of Action in September today at

Mrs. Obama ended the video with, “I hope you’ll join us. We’ve only got 100 days left… and we’ve got to direct every ounce of energy we have into making sure everyone we know understands the importance of their voice and their vote. I know that you all understand that… let’s make sure that everyone in our communities does, too. Thanks again everybody—now let’s get this done.”

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