The German Netflix Original series “Biohackers” will now release on August 20th, exclusively on Netflix. The six-part series stars Luna Wedler, Jessica Schwarz, Adrian Julius Tillmann, Caro Cult, Thomas Prenn, Jing Xiang, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer, and Benno Fürmann, with Christian Ditter serving as showrunner.

Netflix’s description reads, “What if students secretly experiment with biohacking technologies that could change humanity? Biohackers tells a highly-gripping story about friendship, love and revenge at a German University that is overshadowed by a revolutionary biohacking-technology and its ethical implications.”

The story follows a rivalry between two women. Luna Wedler plays a medical student in her first term who boldly pursues a secret plan, and Jessica Schwarz plays her adversary, a bio-scientist and famous lecturer.

Christian Ditter, director and showrunner said, “What happens when normal people, like you and I, are confronted with things that are bigger than themselves? How far do you go to satisfy your desire for fame or even revenge? Where do we draw moral and ethical boundaries? What is synthetic biology, biohacking or bodyhacking anyway? And what happens when Jessica Schwarz and Luna Wedler compete as star professor and freshman?”

Jakob Claussen of Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion added, “Biohackers is a modern and relevant show that has its finger on the pulse of time. We are beyond proud of our debut show!”

Biohackers was first set to launch by the end April 2020. Netflix’s explained the delay adding, “Although the show does not deal with a pandemic, Netflix and the creators took the spread of the corona virus into consideration and decided to not debut the show just then. The beginning of the show features a scene that might have been unsettling for viewers at that point in time.”

You can watch the first look trailer that Netflix released on Wednesday afternoon.

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