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You can Stream Netflix on Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest line is one of the first smart displays to offer Netflix streaming. Users can use their Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max to watch Netflix on their devices, adding another screen to your arsenal to satisfy your binge-watching.

Google announced the availability of Netflix on the devices on Tuesday morning in a company blog post. The company explained, “If you have a Netflix subscription, simply link your account in the Google Home or Assistant app and you can play Netflix movies, TV shows and documentaries by using your voice.”

The commands include: “Say, “Hey Google, play Queer Eye” to start streaming instantly, or try, “Hey Google, open Netflix” to scroll through select content and start watching with a simple tap. Hands tied up while you’re cooking? Just pause, play or skip forward with a simple ask. Or if you’re watching on your Hub Max while doing the dishes or making dinner, Quick Gestures lets you easily pause or resume your video—just look at the device and raise your hand.”

Netflix joins the wide range of subscription services you can stream on your Nest display, including NBC’s Peacock as of last week, as well as Hulu, Disney+, SHOWTIME and many others.

Millions of viewers choose to stream Netflix on their 6″ or 9″ phones, so the smaller screen on the Google Nest devices shouldn’t be a difficult transition. There’s also the added benefit of not having to hold it while viewing, and the speakers on the Google Nest Hub Max are probably an upgrade from your smartphone. Now you can fall asleep to your favorite series if you have a Nest Hub by the bed; just don’t forget to dim the screen. You can follow the instructions and be watching in Netflix in just a matter of moments.

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