Brainstorm Media’s revenge-thriller “Ravage” will release in Drive-Ins on August 14th, followed by a VOD release on August 21st. The movie stars Annabelle Dexter-Jones, two-time Oscar-nominee Bruce Dern, and Robert Longstreet.

“Ravage” could be the next box office winner, if the current trend of scary movies at the Drive-In keeps up. Thrillers have been dominating the weekend charts thanks to Drive-Ins across the country, and the genre is seeing a significant boost without the regular box office competition. The latest winners were “Relic,” “Becky,” “Followed,” and “The Wretched,” and all of them found success as limited releases.

The description for the movie reads, “Harper, a young nature photographer on assignment in the woods of the Watchatoomy Valley, captures a disturbing event of a man being brutally whipped and beaten in the woods. After reporting the incident to the local sheriff, she is quickly captured by the culprits and taken to an abandoned farm in the woods to be tortured. Due to Harper’s experience as a survivalist she is able to escape but is on the run and has to quickly outsmart capturers.”

“Ravage” won Best Feature at the New York City Horror Film Festival in 2019, and premiered at Genre Blast that same year. The thriller was an official selection of the Cucalorus Festival, Austin Film Festival, ScreamFest Horror Film Festival, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, NOLA Horror Film Fest, FilmQuest, and the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival.

Teddy Grennan wrote and directed the movie, which was produced by Marsha Oglesby, Bennett Krishock, and Grennan. The music is from Jacques Bratbaur. If you missed the trailer for the film, you can watch the promotional video below for a better look at the story. You can catch the film on VOD if you don’t have a Drive-In in you area.

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