Radar Pictures picked up the film rights to “BlindSide,” based on the first audio-only mobile adventure game. According to the announcement, the project will be developed as “Unseen,” a horror feature about a couple who wake up blind in a terrifying world they cannot recognize.

The film is a collaboration between Radar Pictures and the Soska Sisters, who will write, direct and produce. Michael Napoliello, Maria Frisk, and Alex Power will produce for Radar. The studio stated that a script is currently underway.

“We have long admired Radar and the tremendous work they do as industry titans and innovators. We are very excited and honored to be partnering with this legendary team as they delve deeper into the horror genre and break new ground again. Unseen is a horror film experience completely unlike any other before it. This film will truly bring the fear of the unknown to life by putting the focus of storytelling on what you hear,” said the Soska Sisters.

The description reads, “A Boston couple wakes up inexplicably blind and, in their efforts to find help, they stumble into a world that is menacingly different than the one they knew the night before. As the couple claw their way through this terrifying new reality, they fear their sanity slipping away. They sense the presence of a strange new species, one for which light is not a priority.”

Ted Field will serve as executive producer on the project. Field added, “I enjoyed what the Soskas did with their twist on Cronenberg’s Rabid. Their work as writers and directors embraces classic genre elements and adds a fresh, visceral quality. I look forward to seeing what we create with Unseen.”

Fans of the game will have to wait a little longer to get casting information and a release date, but more information should be released over the next few months.

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