The drama “Lost Girls & Love Hotels” will release in select theaters and On-Demand on September 4th. William Olsson directed the movie, working with writer Catherine Hanrahan and producer Lauren Mann. “Lost Girls & Love Hotels” stars Alexandra Daddario and Takehiro Hira, and is an adaptation of Hanrahan’s 2006 novel of the same name.

The description reads, “Lost Girls & Love Hotels tells the story of an American English teacher named Margaret and her nightly pilgrimages through Tokyo’s glittering nightlife in an attempt to forget her painful past and discover new meaning in the arms of a mysterious Yakuza named Kazu. The provocative tale takes the viewer on a journey through the darkest alleyways of Japan, as their affair tears them apart and reshapes them across Tokyo’s landscape of dive bars, alleyways and three-hour love hotels. In addition to Daddario and Hira, the film also stars Carice van Houten, Misuzu Kanno and Kate Easton.

If you like to read the original work before seeing the adaptation, you can find Hanrahan’s novel right here on Amazon.

The film will be the first title distributed by newly established Astrakan Releasing, the distribution arm of Astrakan AB Film, in partnership with distribution consultant Steven Friedlander of SGF & Partners.

William Olsson said in a statement, “At the Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto there is a tomb called Buddhas Womb. As you enter the tomb, you walk into total darkness with only a handrail to guide you. You walk and walk until you are completely deprived of any visual sense. Then, finally, you start to see the light at the end of a tunnel, and you come upon an ancient stone illuminated by a small hole in the roof. The lesson is simple. In order to see the light you first have to experience the dark. And that is ultimately what Lost Girls is for me. A story of being reborn. A journey through the dark to the light. Just like the movie itself, which I am thrilled to bring into the light on September 4.”

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