Netflix confirmed that there will be a second season of “Into the Night,” the platform’s popular high-concept thriller. The series launched on Netflix back in May and tells the story of an overnight flight that departs Brussels, which narrowly escapes a catastrophic event.

Creator and writer Jason George said, “We’ve been thrilled by the global response to Into the Night, and I’m excited to share that we’ll be doing a second season. It’s been amazing to see how fans across the world have connected with the multinational passengers and crew of BE Airways Flight 21. We are excited to continue their journey.”

The show’s official description reads, “Into the Night begins with a sudden solar event, as the sun inexplicably starts killing everything in its path. The show centers around the ‘lucky’ passengers and crew of an overnight flight out of Brussels, as they attempt to fly west — into the safety of the dark night. The plane’s manifest is multinational and multilingual, with passengers rich and poor, young and old, civilian and military. The seemingly ordinary travelers share but one thing: A desire to survive the sun — and each other — by any means necessary.”

Belgian duo Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye directed the series, which was produced by Entre Chien et Loup. The six-part series is written and created by Jason George who serves as showrunner and executive producer. Other executive producers include Tomek Baginski and Jacek Dukaj, whose best selling novel The Old Axolotl the series is based upon.

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