THQNordic released a nine-minute trailer for the action-RPG “Biomutant,” but the company didn’t announce a release date at this time. Experiment 101, the developers behind the game, put together a lengthy trailer to introduce players to the world of “Biomutant,” and it includes a lot of adorable animals and pretty locations.

While the company stopped short of giving us a release window, the publisher did confirm that a collector’s edition will be available when the game finally hits shelves. The Atomic Edition includes a high detail diorama (23″ Long, 10″ Wide, and 12″ in Height), the game, a Steelbook, a T-Shirt in L/XL, an oversized mousepad (31″ x 14″), artwork on Fabric A1 size, and the soundtrack, all in a premium box. That’s a lot of stuff, but the Biomutant Atomic Edition is expected to start at $ 399.

The game was first announced back in 2017 and THQNordic promoted the game through 2018 before news on the title became nonexistent. The trailer was a welcomed surprise and the game looks like it’s coming together nicely.

The publisher surprised fans with the trailer on Friday afternoon. The video’s description reads, “If you were going to make a new Biomutant gameplay trailer, what would you show? Impressive cities and vast landscapes? Action-packed combat, true martial arts masters showing off their skills or an outpost being conquered? Wild, exotic and fluffy creatures, plus majestic, towering bosses who test your limits? Crazy mutations and abilities on the Hero? A submarine, an airship a combat mech and some mounts for the hero to ride on? Or just So. Many. Weapons Well, developer Experiment 101 decided to show all of that and much more in the new Biomutant gameplay trailer.”

You can check out all the furry-action in the official trailer below, which does show a lot of gameplay and character designs.

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