Elgato Wave 3

Elgato Wave 3 Microphone Designed for Streamers and Content Creators

Elgato is launching the company’s first-ever microphones, the Elgato Wave:1 and Elgato Wave:3. The new devices combine with the Wave Link app for Windows and MacOS to become complete digital mixing solutions that give content creators the professional audio control they need to entertain and captivate their fans.

The company stated, “Developed in partnership with world-renowned microphone manufacturer LEWITT, Wave:1 and Wave:3 are born from rigorous calibration in both ultra-modern acoustic testing chambers and real-world streaming scenarios.”

The company claims that the mics capture broadcast-quality audio, powered by a cardioid condenser capsule and 24-bit Analog-to-Digital converter. Proprietary Clipguard anti-distortion technology (which was developed with LEWITT specifically for Elgato Wave microphones) analyzes input in real-time.

The company added, “When sudden peaking occurs, sound is rerouted through a secondary signal path that runs at a lower volume. The entire process is autonomous, allowing content creators to produce clear audio that never clips, without having to constantly watch and adjust input levels.”

The Wave:1 and Wave:3 also feature a switchable low-cut filter that helps remove low-frequency interference, and an internal pop filter that reduces distracting plosive breath noise for a clear, professional stream. A 3.5mm headphone jack with 24-bit output enables high-resolution, zero-latency audio monitoring, while the adjustable desktop stand can be mounted to most boom arms using the included adapter.

The Wave:1 features a headphone volume dial that doubles as a press-to-mute button, with an LED ring to indicate mute status at a glance. The Wave:3 sports a capacitive sensor that mutes the mic feed when lightly touched, and a multifunction dial that controls volume, input gain, and crossfade between microphone and PC audio. In terms of signal processing, Wave:1 offers the industry-standard sample rate of 48 kHz, while Wave:3 delivers up to 96kHz for extremely detailed sound capture.

The Wave Link app allows users to take advantage of a multi-channel digital mixer for Windows and Mac. The app turns Wave microphones into an audio hub that enables control of the microphone and up to eight other audio sources, all routed through the microphone driver for mixing with virtually zero latency according to the company. Separate outputs in the app let you create two independent mixes – one for yourself and one for your audience – essential for managing audio during live streams, YouTube videos, podcasts, teleconferences, and more. The Wave Link app is also fully compatible with Elgato Stream Deck for tactile one-touch control over your entire A/V setup.

“We know audio is at the very core of our users’ setups. It starts with the microphone but extends to so many other sources,” said Julian Fest, VP and GM of Elgato. “When we started working on Project Wave, we wanted to build a complete solution that would make professional sound and powerful mixing more accessible than ever. With the cutting-edge tech that we and our partner LEWITT have incorporated into Elgato Wave mics and the Wave Link app, we think we’ve succeeded, and we couldn’t be more excited to enter this market.”

The Elgato Wave:1 and Wave:3 are backed by a two-year warranty, you can find the official product pages or the Wave:1 and Wave:3 right here on Amazon.

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