Nathalie Kelley, the star of ABC’s recently canceled drama “Baker and the Beauty,” is hoping to revive the show with the help of fans. Kelley wrote an open letter to encourage fans to either have ABC renew the series for a second season, or to find the show a new home on another platform or network. The idea has worked in the past, most recently with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which was saved by NBC after FOX pulled the plug on the series to make room for “Last Man Standing.”

The letter reads, “We are seeing now more than ever that representation is important for black and brown people of color. How we are represented on our television shows determines how society sees us, and the empathy and support they will grant our communities. When we are constantly depicted as narcos and maids, we can’t expect to find favor with voters when they go to the polls and elect leaders who will decide on the fate of immigrants.”

Kelley added, “Baker and the beauty is a show that depicts Latin families as warm, lovable, full of joy and compassion and humor. The show garnered critical praise and a passionate and loyal fan following. A cancellation by ABC means that there are now no shows on the networks with a Latinx cast. At a time when the public is marching in the streets demanding representation and diversity this is an extremely tone deaf decision.”

The letter ends, “And the show hopes to find a home on another platform but needs public support. We need to send a message to these platforms that diversity matters.”

If you are new to the series, the show’s description reads, “Daniel Garcia is working in the family bakery and doing everything that his loving Cuban parents and siblings expect him to do. But on a wild Miami night he meets Noa Hamilton, an international superstar and fashion mogul, and his life moves into the spotlight. Will this unlikely couple upend their lives to be together and pull their families into a culture clash?”

You can show your support for the series by adding your name to the Change.Org petition.

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