Amblin Partners is working on an untitled horror pitch from Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, the directing team behind the movies “Villains” and “Body.” Berk and Olsen frequently work together in the comedic horror-thriller genre, and the duo pitched their project to Amblin as a “social horror.” The studio confirmed the new project on social media on Thursday afternoon, telling followers on Twitter, “Amblin pacts with ‘Villains’ duo Dan Berk and Robert Olsen for ‘social horror’ feature.” The studio is keeping the plot under wraps for now, and no casting information has been confirmed at this time.

According to the announcement, Berk and Olsen will write and direct the film, with Safehouse Pictures’ Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell producing. Matt Schwartz, of Safehouse Pictures, will serve as executive producer, with Jeb Brody and John Buderwitz overseeing for the studio.

Berk and Olsen’s films have frequently revolved around people breaking into other people’s homes, which tends to result in terrible consequences. The film “Villains” is a crowd favorite in the genre and features an all-star cast. The story follows a pair of amateur criminals who, after breaking into a home, realize they may never escape. Bill Skarsgård and Maika Monroe play the criminals in the film, and Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Donovan play the horrid homeowners. The movie currently sits with an 84% rating with critics on RottenTomatoes, and a 78% rating with audiences.

Their earlier film “Body” follows a group of girls, who after breaking into what they thought was an empty mansion, realize they may never escape. That movie features Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen, and Lauren Molina, as well as Kimberly Flynn. You might want to stick with “Villains” for your first viewing, since “Body” has a 42% rating on RottenTomatoes with critics, and a 26% rating with audiences. If you’re a fan of the genre you can add the movies to your watchlist this weekend.

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