Facebook is making it easier for everyone to upload their pictures to Google, and from there, to anywhere they want. Alexandru Voica confirmed that the Facebook to Google Photos migration tool is now available to everyone worldwide, and the service allows users to quickly and easily copy their Facebook photos to the Google cloud service.

To access the feature, you need to navigate to the Your Facebook Information section, which is located in Settings. When you’re there, you can quickly transfer all of your photos and videos, after you log into your Google account.

Facebook was hesitant to allow users to release any information from its clutches but is slowly allowing more info to be parsed from its servers. This is part of a larger movement within the tech industry to allow users to download or share their private information with other services. Tools like this also help Facebook and other social media sites defend itself from antitrust regulators in government.

The social media giant announced the availability of the tool on the company’s blog and released several easy-to-read graphics for users. If you get lost easily within Facebook’s labyrinth-style layout, you can follow the steps needed to move or copy your photos.

You might want to consider copying the files over even if you aren’t planning on leaving the platform. Having the pictures in two locations could prevent any loss if your account is disabled, hacked, or if you are locked out of the account for any reason. While you’re in settings, you should also use Facebook’s Privacy Check-Up feature, which goes through your basic settings to make sure you aren’t sharing any access or information that you would rather keep to yourself. The time it takes to transfer everything depends on the library of pictures you have amassed over the years, but it’s a simple procedure.

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