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PopSockets and Burt’s Bees Partner for a Lip-Smacking Collection

PopSockets and Burt’s Bees are teaming up for PopGrip Lips x Burt’s Bees, which will provide consumers with a two-in-one product that features the classic functionality of a PopGrip combined with the trusted lip care from Burt’s Bees. The grip makes texting with one hand easier than ever, as well as improves your selfie-game, and it can be used as a prop for binging videos. The addition of Burt’s Bees provides the Earth-friendly care that you have grown to love, so it’s win-win.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with an iconic brand like Burt’s Bees”, said Melanie Love, VP Brand Marketing. “For years, the brand has been known for its innovations in the natural personal care space and has become a household name. The collaboration marries tech and lip care in a way that has created a new category of product for fans of both brands.”

Burt’s Bees says that the iconic Original Beeswax Lip Balm is sold one per second worldwide, and softens & nourishes dry lips naturally. It even provides a hint of Peppermint Oil for that special tingle. The Original Lip Balm is made from responsibly sourced Beeswax to condition lips, infused with Vitamin E to moisturize, and is formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, Petrolatum or SLS.

“We hear from so many people that their lip balm is something they can’t leave home without,” said Matt King, Director of Marketing at Burt’s Bees. “By partnering with PopSockets, we can make it even easier to ensure essentials – their phone and Burt’s Bees lip balm – never get left behind.”

PopGrip Lips x Burt’s Bees comes in five unique patterns for $19.99 and includes two pans of Burt’s Bees lip balm. It is launching today on PopSockets.com, Burtsbees.com, and in Target stores throughout the US.

You can also find the standard PopGrips, with or without lip balm, right here on Amazon.

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