Sonic is racing back to theaters thanks to the success of “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Paramount Pictures is putting together a sequel to the 2020 family-comedy, with Jeff Fowler returning to the franchise as the director. Fowler will be working from a screenplay by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who also worked on the first film. Variety was the first to confirm the sequel.

Sonic had a rough start in 2019, way before he ever ran his first lap on the big screen. After seeing the first preview of the CG Sonic character, fans hit social media to vent about the studio’s choices. Paramount Pictures ordered a redesign of the quick-footed hedgehog, and it paid off in the end. “Sonic the Hedgehog” had a $58M domestic opening in theaters and went on to make over $306M worlwide for Paramount Pictures.

James Marsden starred in the original movie as Sonic’s human friend, with Jim Carrey taking the role of Dr. Robotnik, the evil genius with plans of world domination. Ben Schwartz voiced the Sonic character in the movie. While the first film only scored 66% on Rotten Tomatoes with critics, fans loved Jim Carrey’s take on Dr. Robotnik, and the movie has a 93% rating with viewers.

There’s no indication on when this movie will start filming. The current health crisis has delayed dozens of new releases, and production schedules are backed up for months. It’s hard to tell when Paramount Pictures will be able to get “Sonic 2” on the schedule, or predict when the movie will be ready to hit theaters. We should get more casting details when the film enters into production, but that could be a while as studios reopen with strict health and safety protocols. Fans should be happy to know that Paramount Pictures is ready to invest in another Sonic adventure, and we hope Jim Carrey returns to the franchise.

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