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Ease Your Stress with Disney and the Calm App

Calm and Disney are teaming up to better your health and wellness. The Calm app, which is one of the top-rated apps for sleep, meditation, and relaxation, is adding a touch of Disney magic to the company’s hundreds of hours of original audio content. Five instrumental versions of classic Disney songs from Disney Music Group’s “Disney Peaceful Piano” album series and playlist are now available through the app. Users can now drift off to sleep with piano lullabies of Disney classics in the Music section of the Calm app.

The list includes “Once Upon A Dream” (Sleeping Beauty); “Reflection” (Mulan); “Beauty and the Beast” (Beauty and the Beast); “A Whole New World” (Aladdin); and “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (Cinderella).

If you prefer stringed instruments, there’s Disney Guitar, which is individually produced and arranged by DMG writers Aron Forbes, Jason Mater, Simon Oscroft, Parkwild and Nick Pingree. The tracklist includes “You’ll Be in My Heart” (Tarzan); “Once Upon a Dream” (Sleeping Beauty); “It’s a Small World” (Disneyland); “Home” (Beauty and the Beast Broadway); “Stay Awake” (Mary Poppins); “Someone’s Waiting for You” (The Rescuers Down Under); “Will the Sun Ever Shine Again” (Home on the Range); and “Baby Mine” (Dumbo).

You can find the Calm app on iOS and Google Play.

Over the last month, the Disney Piano playlist has approximately 2.5M streams, and since its release last fall, the playlist has over 77M streams. The Disney Peaceful Piano series has 15M streams in the last 30 days.

According to the company, “The Calm app helps users cope with some of the most important mental health issues of the modern age including anxiety, stress and insomnia.” The company continues, “Calm has users in more than 190 countries with localized content available in six languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Korean and Portuguese. Apple’s 2017 iPhone App of the Year and one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020, Calm boasts over 80 million downloads to date, averaging 100,000 new users daily.”

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