Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, ScreenPlus and Vista Cinema are launching a new VOD platform called Alamo On Demand, offering curated films from the company’s programming team that are available for rental or purchase. The new VOD platform is available now at, with apps for iOS and Android coming “very soon” according to the company.

“I’ll describe the scenario that sold me on the ScreenPlus platform,” said Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse founder and Executive Chairman. “Alamo Drafthouse had been promoting Portrait of a Lady on Fire to our guests for months. We love people to see films in the cinema first and foremost, but the reality is not everyone can always make the time for every movie they want to see. This platform allows us to give folks who missed Portrait of a Lady on Fire in cinemas another chance to see it, which is simply an extension of our enthusiasm and support for the film. Alamo On Demand helps us to continue the conversation past the theatrical window and recommend movies we love to our community. And in these shuttered days and beyond, these rentals and purchases help support your neighborhood theater.”

“Every title on the platform has a champion on the Alamo programming team,” says Sarah Pitre, Alamo Drafthouse’s Senior Director of Programming and Promotions. “Alamo On Demand is a curated library, with each film nominated and personally recommended by a programmer.”

The company explained that Alamo Drafthouse’s programming team will curate their personal recommendations as new content is added.

“Many of us learned about movies thanks to the staff picks at our local video stores. That’s the spirit of what we’re trying to do with Alamo On Demand,” says Henri Mazza, Alamo Drafthouse Vice President of Content, Sponsorship, and Events. “Even though we can’t gather in theaters right now, our programmers will still be curating new and classic films for our nationwide community of fellow movie lovers, and hosting conversations online as well.”

In the coming weeks, Alamo On Demand will welcome new partners such as Sony Pictures Classics and is in discussions with all the other major studios.

“We’re thrilled to have Alamo Drafthouse on board, and looking to seeing the reaction from fans and the community”, says Leon Newnham, CEO of Vista Cinema.

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