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Nicolas Cage to Play Joe Exotic for Television Series

Nicolas Cage seems to be a fan of Netflix’s “Tiger King” series, and the Oscar-winning actor is set to play Joe Exotic in a new TV miniseries centering on the infamous wild-animal owner. It’s unusual for Cage to play a television role, making his decision to play Joe Exotic even more of a surprise.

The limited-series event is from Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios, and the project is expected to be an eight-part mini-series detailing the bizarre life story of Joe Exotic. Details on the drama are slim, but if early reports are correct, the miniseries will detail the transition from Joe Shreibvogel to Joe Exotic, leading up to the events that eventually landed him in prison. The mini-series will focus on Joe’s Oklahoma zoo, and the story will be based on the Texas Monthly magazine article “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild” by Leif Reigstad. Dan Laguna is currently attached to write and executive produce the series, but no other casting information has been confirmed at this time.

The real “Tiger King,” now going by the name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is currently serving out his prison sentence. His 22-year sentence includes charges ranging from animal abuse to murder-for-hire.

Social media ran away with the news that Cage would be playing Exotic in the limited TV series. Since his Oscar-winning days of “Leaving Las Vegas,” and his critically-acclaimed roles in “Moonstruck” and “Adaptation,” Cage has become more popular for his off-the-wall character choices found in “Face Off,” “Ghost Rider,” “Season of the Witch,” and “Mandy.” On paper, it seems like perfect casting, but America’s attention span is limited, so CBS will need to get the project out to streaming services while viewers are still eager for more Joe Exotic material.

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