Paramount Pictures decided to delay the next two “Mission Impossible” movies. “Mission Impossible 7” was scheduled to hit theaters on July 21, 2021, but the film is moving to November 19, 2021 because of the delay in production due to the COVID-19 health crisis. The eighth installment, going by “Mission Impossible 8” for now, was moved from August 5, 2022, to November 4, 2022.

“Mission Impossible 7” stars Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, and Rebecca Ferguson, and Christopher McQuarrie is set to direct both “Mission Impossible 7” and “Mission Impossible 8.” McQuarrie also directed the 2015 hit “Mission Impossible Rogue Nation,” and the 2018 movie “Mission Impossible: Fallout.”

Paramount also moved the sci-fi thriller “The Tomorrow War” with Chris Pratt, which shifted from Christmas 2020 to July 23, 2021. The studio dated the animated-comedy “Paw Patrol” for Aug 20, 2021. and the “Dungeons & Dragon” movie jumped from November 19, 2021, to May 27, 2022. The horror-thriller “Spell,” from Mark Tonderai, was removed from its August 28, 2020 release date, but was not rescheduled.

The “Mission Impossible” franchise is one of Paramount Pictures’ most successful brands, so it’s not surprising that the studio isn’t taking any risks with the release dates. The first installment released in 1996 and made $457M worldwide, and the sequel made $546M globally. “Mission Impossible III” released in 2006 but failed to top the first two films, but still made over $397M worldwide. After the box office decline, the studio moved the franchise from May to December in 2011, and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” set a new franchise record with a $694M box office total. The next release was “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” in July of 2015, and that movie made $682M globally. “Mission Impossible: Fallout” is the franchise’s highest-grossing film with a $791M worldwide total. With six films in the franchise, the “Mission Impossible” movies have made over $3.5B for Paramount Pictures.

You can read about the other movie delays and rescheduling to keep track of the diminishing 2020-2021 box office. We update the major releases as they are announced by the studios.

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